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Bring, Take, Get, Fetch and a Quiz

edited March 2015 in Portuguese
The verb bring in Portuguese is the irregular trazer
Ex: Você pode trazer um pouco de leite? Can you bring some milk?
The verb take, levar, is regular:
Ex: Quem leva Pedro para escola? Who takes Peter to school?
Get in Portuguese is the irregular verb pegar.
Ex: Eu esqueci de pegar o recibo. I forgot to get the receipt. 
And finally, to fetch is the irregular buscar, which is used when you want to say go, get something and bring it back here. 
Ex: Mariana vai buscar o filho na escola. Mariana is going to fetch her son in school.
Now, put the one of the verbs above in the following sentences. The answers and translation are at the end.
levou, trouxe, pegou, buscar
1. Quem vai _____ as crianças na escola hoje?
2. O garçom _____ o café depois da sobremesa.
3. Ele _____ três malas para sua viagem à Europa.
4. Quantos peixes você _____? 
 Answers: 1-buscar (Who's going to pick the children up from school?); 2-trouxe (The waiter brought the coffee after the dessert.); 3-levou (He took three suitcases on his trip to Europe.); 4-pegou (How many fishes did you get?)
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