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learning portuguese for galego speakers

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Hello i have a question
I would like to learn Brazilian portuguese and i speak spanish and galego as mother tonges.
Due to the fact that our languages are very similar to one another what will be the best way to learn the language and from what level?


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    It's always a good idea to start learning a new language from the beginning. Even if you are able to understand most of what you're reading or listening to, a new language can be challenging to speak/pronounce. In addition, you'll have different conjugations for the verbs, and different pronouns and lots of new vocabulary. If you start from lesson 1 in the Brazilian Portuguese Basics, you'll notice that while it is easier for you to understand the words, it might be a bit tricky to get the grammar. Fianlly, using the basics as a starting point will make you a more confident speaker. Give it a try and keep us posted. Boa sorte e até breve!
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