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Could be better

edited August 2015 in French

I have
to say I am slightly disappointed with the purchase of my Platinum Complete
course, mainly with the smartphone or tablet app. I should mention that I am
currently on Intermediate French – Unit 2, and since I spent the money on this,
I will see this course through.

It is
good to have “French on the go” but the exercises and games – specifically sentence
builders – are really easy to do and then there are only a few (6 per unit or something like that). The app is only for
review, maybe... if that.

I hoped
the app to be more multifaceted with access to different forums, and like the
web page, where one can interact with others with the same language goals on the phone. (If you’re thinking “why
doesn’t he just go to the web page on his phone”? then I would ask you, why
make an app in the first place?!)

I am
learning a lot, and I like the way the course is build – so far. I have not
seen the value this course has to offer in relation to its price, but I’ll
reserve my true review once I have finished the entire thing.

I have faith
that the developers would see this as an opportunity to improve and maybe to
add more complexity to the phone application; I would personally very much like
to see a significant increase in the amount of sentences you can build. That is
my favorite aspect of the app; where you click and drag to create the
sentences, as well as the “fill in” exercises.

I hope
this helps a future buyer when considering options, and thank you for taking
the time to read my comments.




  • Dan, 
    We greatly appreciate your feedback on our courses. We value customer input in developing our courses, and we will definitely weigh your feedback when considering improvements for our courses. 
    With reference to the value, we certainly hope you are taking advantage of the e-Tutoring part of our courses, which is one of the most valuable pieces of the Platinum Course. The ability to practice your French with a native speaker is invaluable, and a wonderful way to reinforce and improve your language. Try signing up for eTutoring when you can! And let us know if you have any questions about the sign up process. 
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