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comment vous vous appelez?

edited August 2015 in French
i encountered comment vous vous appelez to ask someones name
i am more familiar with comment vous appelez-vous?
i know we can say vous vous appelez  to say to someone your name is
how much common and correct is it to say comment vous vous appelez?


  • forgot to ask also
    comment tu t'appelles or comment t'appelles-tu
  • Bonjour Oraien,

    You are familiar with the most formal way of asking the question, which is called 'inversion' (inverting verb-subject):
    -> Comment vous appelez-vous ?

    The other one is more familiar so to speak, and when you ask it, you need to put an inflexion (going 'up') at the end, so that it sounds like a question and not a statement:
    -> Comment vous vous appelez ?

    A 3rd way of asking a question is using 'est-ce que...'. In our case, this would give:
    -> Comment est-ce que vous vous appelez? (no need for inflexion at the end). This 3rd way of asking a question is also considered formal, though the inversion method is always considered the 'classiest' so to speak, and so in everyday life (amongst friends and family), you will often hear the 2nd method, more informal.

    Hope this clarified your comment :)


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