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French e-tutoring

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Has anyone used the e-tutoring for French? And if so, how did you like it?


  • I was sorry to notice that no one answered my inquiry about French tutoring. This leaves me to believe that there is no tutoring being done for this language.
  • Hi Luigina.  I am pretty sure that Living Language is still offering French e-tutoring.  They just had a highlight blog on Sev, who is a French tutor.  I don't know if he is the only French tutor, but I had him a few times when I took Passport French.  He is really nice.  He asks for your reason for learning the language so that he could customize it better.  Because I was going to visit a French-speaking country, he came up with several tourist scenarios such as asking for directions and ordering in a restaurant.  The scenarios probably would have been different if I were to move to a French-speaking country.
  • Thanks Grace for the input. I had done Rosetta Stone for awhile and when I did the tutoring there were three other people that would join in. It just seemed odd that no one it taking the French tutoring. 

    Again thanks for your reply
  • Oh I should clarify.  When I took e-tutoring with Sev, I was the only student.  With the regular French course (not the Passport one), I think a tutor can teach up to 4 students in one session even though sometimes there is just one student.
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    Bonjour Hyma,
    Apologies for the delayed reply! And merci beaucoup Grace for posting your experiences with Sev. Yes, indeed, French e-Tutoring is still available.  And Sev is currently our only French e-Tutor. I just took a session with him the other day, and I agree with Grace. He's an excellent tutor. 
    In order to access e-Tutoring, however, you need to have an active subscription to our online course. We offer a variety of options, which you can see here:
    The one-year online course subscription comes with 2 free sessions included.  
    E-Tutoring sessions can be purchased à la carte as well, at the prices shown here:
    We'd be happy to answer further questions here or by email at  
  • Thanks Erin for the name change and the info. Will be considering doing e-tutoring a little later.
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