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Intermediate Lesson 20 - Word Search

edited May 2016 in Italian
I was doing the word search on weddings, and the word for sweater "maglione" is not there.  The word in the puzzle is "maglion", and it is not correct nor does it allow me to chose it.  That is the only thing that I have not finished.  Is there a problem with the puzzle or did I miss something?? Grazie mille.  


  • Ciao Delilah,
    Thanks for this note. I took a look and the word in this activity which is translated as sweater is 'maglioncino' (which is why you saw 'maglion').  I see that this word is translated as 'light sweater' in the vocabulary section prior, which explains your confusion! I'll change the translation to 'light sweater.' Thank you for your feedback!
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