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expressions followed by a preposition

edited June 2016 in Italian
Ciao! There's another important part of the grammatical puzzle to master: what  simple prepositions (preposizioni semplici) follow certain Italian verbs and expressions. In Italian, for example, there are certain verbs and expressions followed by a preposition such as A:
Before a Noun or Pronoun
assistere a—to attend
assomigliare a—to resemble
credere a—to believe in
dare noia a—to bother
dar da mangiare a—to feed
dare fastidio a—to bother
dare retta a—to listen to
dare torto a—to blame
dare la caccia a—to chase
dare un calcio a—to kick
dare un pugno a—to punch
fare attenzione a—to pay attention
fare bene (male) a—to to be good (bad)
fare piacere a—to please
fare vedere a—to show
fare visita a—to visit
fare un regalo a—to give a present to
giocare a—to play a game
interessarsi a—to be interested in
partecipare a—to participate in
pensare a—to think about
raccomandarsi a—to ask favors of
ricordare a—to remind
rinunciare a—to give up
servire a—to be good for
stringere la mano a—to shake hands with
tenere a—to care about
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