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edited July 2016 in German

If “to be” is the most important word that ever was, what verb follows right after that? That is right. What you have and have not is almost as important as who you are or are not. In fact, society tends to think that whatever you have or have defines who you are or aren’t. That is not true, of course, but one cannot deny that it matters. I have…. a wife, children, a cold, a lawyer, a fancy car, wit, dinner, attitude, no money…..Add any noun and you will be able to communicate what you possess in this life whether it is of a material nature or a vital characteristic. Here is the conjugation of this irregular verb:


1st person         I have                  Ich habe

2nd person        You have             Du hast

3rd person         He,she it has      Er, sie es hat


1st person         We have                Wir haben

2nd person        you (guys) have     Ihr habt

3d person          they have              Sie haben

Polite                You have               Sie haben

Ich habe eine Frau, Kinder,eine Erkältung, einen Anwalt, ein schickes Auto, Witz, Abendessen,eine Einstellung...

And how do you negate this in German? Add the correct form of the word kein depending on the gender or number of the chosen noun.

Ich habe keinen Mann. (m) Ich habe keine Schwester. (f) Ich habe kein Geld. (n) Ich habe keine Hunde. (pl)

Pop quiz: How do you translate "We do not have money"?

The haves and have nots!

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