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Grammar audio on online course

edited August 2016 in French
My name is Penny. I have the full complete French edition, and have enrolled for the online courses as well. My audio of my computer is fine, all my drivers are up to date, I have tired the "grammar audio" component of the online course on my desktop computer, Windows Vista, and on a laptop, Windows 10. I use Firefox & Google Chrome as browsers.
The problem with the audio on the the grammar part of the online course, is that instead of hearing audio and staying that page, it take me to another page winch runs the audio, but displays a black screen with an audio slider. I can click back to the course, but I lose where I left off, since it leaves the grammar page, every-time I run the audio. Please help, thanks.


  • Hi Penny,
    Thanks for getting in touch with us at about this. As I mentioned in my email, we're looking into it. For now, if you hit the back button on the screen that you're taken to when you click on an audio link, it should take you back to the place you where in the course. 
    If anyone else is having the same issue, please let us know by emailing 
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