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Modal Verbs Part 2 Necessities

edited September 2016 in German
In Modal Verbs Part 1 last month, we discussed the possibilities. 
We are missing then so-called necessities: Müssen (have to), sollen (supposed to) and wollen (want to).
Take a modal, add a verb in its infinitive and the world is yours.

We must go:                                      Wir müssen gehen.
I am supposed to stay here:                Ich soll hier bleiben. 
She wants to dance.                           Sie will tanzen.

Modal verbs are irregular, but will conjugate similarly and are definitely worth the effort.

1st person:              ich muss                                 ich soll             ich will
2nd person:             du musst                                du sollst           du willst
3rd person:              er  muss                                 sie soll             es will


1st person:             wir müssen                            wir sollen            wir wollen
2nd person:            ihr müsst                                ihr sollt               ihr wollt
3rd person:             sie müssen                            sie sollen            sie wollen

Polite:                    Sie müssen                            Sie sollen           Sie wollen

Pop Quiz: 
Please translate: Lisa must stay here.

There you go!
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