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A day at the Farmer's Market - Part 1

edited October 2016 in French

A stay in France would not be complete without the experience of un marché (farmers’ market). Despite the ever-growing presence of supermarchés (m.)(supermarkets), faire le marché (going to the farmers’ market; lit. do the market) remains an important way of shopping for food, especially produits frais (fresh produce), produits de saison (seasonal produce) and produits régionaux (regional produce/products)- in both in cities and villages. The freshness of produce, the direct interaction with the producteurs (producers), and the social nature of farmers’ markets makes them irresistible events.

Les commerçants (dealers, traders) will sometimes invite you to goûter (taste) the products on their étalages (displays, stalls): "Goûtez-moi ça !" (have of taste of this; lit. taste me this).

Here are some of the produce you will find in most farmers’ markets:

- légumes (m.) (vegetables): laitue (f.) (lettuce), poireau (m.)(leek), carott(f.) (carrot), tomate (f.) (tomatoe), aubergine (f.) (eggplant), courgette (f.)(zucchini), oignon (m.) (onion), échalotte (f.) (shallot), de l'ail (m.) (garlic), poivron vert/rouge/jaune (m.) (green/red/yellow pepper).

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