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A day at the Farmer's Market - Part 2

edited October 2016 in French

In France, it is usually the norm for customers to point the things they want, and the seller will pick the items, asking you for example: “Combien il vous en faut ?” (how much/many you need?) or “Il vous en faudra combien ?” (How much/many will you need?). He/She will then peser (weigh) the items, in kilos (kilograms) or grammes (grams) and ask if you want more or less.

As elsewhere, one can find a growing number of produits (m.) bio(logiques) (organic products/produce), without produits chimiques de synthèse (synthetic chemicals products) like pesticides (m.) (pesticides), des OGM (organisme génétiquement modifié) (GMOs) and limiting the use of intrants (agricultural inputs like fertilizers and soil conditioners).

Here are some of the produce you will find in most farmers’ markets:

- fruits (m.) (fruits): pomme (f.) (apple), poire (f.) (pear), orange (f.), citron (m.) and citron vert (lemon and lime), banane (f.) (banana), raisins (m/pl.) noirs ou blancs (grapes, red or green, avec/sans pépins (with/without seeds), fraise (f.) (strawberry), framboise (f.) (raspberry), myrtille (f.) (blueberry), melon (m.) (cantaloupe), pastèque (f.) (watermelon).

Find farmers’ markets in France: Jours de Marché

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