(Culture) Popular Cyber Words on Chinese Social Media 1

edited December 2016 in Chinese
Hi everyone, today let's learn a funny Chinese cyber word. You will impress your Chinese friends once you use it in the future. 

给力 (gei3 li4) - Awesome/Great/Wonderful, etc.

We know 给 (gei3) means "give" and 力 (li4) means "power". So, 给力 literally means "give power". Right now Chinese netizens use this word to describe something is awesome/terrific/brilliant, etc. 

For example, this book is so awesome! "这本书很给力!(zhe4 ben3 shu1 hen3 hei3 li4)".
I watched a great movie yesterday. "我昨天看了一部给力的电影 (wo3 zuo2 tian1 kan4 le yi2 bu4 gei3 li4 de1 dian4 ying3)"

Since this word is so popular, Chinese people even created a Chinglish word for it: GELIVABLE. You may simply use this word to replace "awesome" in English, if you want. 

Here is an explanation from Urban Dictionary:

We will talk more handy cyber words next time. Stay tuned!
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