(Culture) Popular Cyber Words on Chinese Social Media 2

edited December 2016 in Chinese
Today, we are gonna lean some other Chinese popular cyber words.

1. "图样图森破 (tu2 yang4 tu2 sen1 po4)". 
This is the homophone of "too young,too simple" in English. It also literally means someone is too young or too naive. 

For example, 
 ni3 xin4 zhe4 zhong3 yao2 yan1, zhen1 shi4 tu2 yang4 tu2 sen1 po4.
 You believe a rumor like this, you are really too young, too simple. 

2.  "宅男 (zhai2 nan2)/宅女(zhai2 nv3)".
This word is originally from Japanese "Otaku". In Japanese, this word means people who are addicted to computers, anime or particular aspects of popular culture, and who do not have proper social skills.
Right now in China, we also use this word to describe boys or girls who tend to stay at home for a long time and don't have the desire to go out. 

For example, 
ni3 yi3 jing1 liang3 zhou1 mei2 chu1 qu4 le, zhen1 shi4 ge4 zhai2 nv3. 
You haven't gone out for two weeks, you are really a home-bound girl. 
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