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Beginners German Lesson 9 - Sentence builder game not working

edited January 2017 in German
The sentence builder game doesn't work for lesson 9 of begginers German.


  • Hi there! We're not seeing an issue on our end. Can you let me know if you're still having trouble with this game, and if so, what specifically seems not to be working on your end? Thanks!
  • All good now. I switched from Chrome to Firefox and that did the trick. Thanks for checking.
  • Good to hear! Let us know if you have any other issues!
  • Are the sentence builder & word finder games not designed to work on tablets? They don't work on my iPad. Is there an app l should be using instead the iPad/safari combo?
  • Yes, unfortunately the sentence builders don't currently work when accessing the course through a browser on the iPad. We do have an iOS app, but it must be purchased separately. 

    Please be patient as we work on a fix for the sentence builder games with our developers!
  • Do they work on a Micrsoft Surface?
  • We haven't tested specifically on that device, but I would imagine it might have the same drag and drop issues as an iPad would have.
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