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Ci sono vs c'è

edited January 2017 in Italian
I am just getting started on the Intermediate level, and I'm not sure what the difference is between the two sentences with regard to Ci sono vs c'è and use of the definite article before soggiorno.

Unit 1, lesson 3, sentence practice 2: Ci sono soggiorno e la cucina.

Unit 1, lesson 4, conversation 2: C'è il soggiorno e la cucina, ci sono due bagni . . .

Grazie mille.


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    Ciao Julie
    Thank you for you inquiry and I apologize for the delay due to a technical issue.
    "C'è" is a short form for "ci è", that means "here is" or "there is"
    "Sono" has two meanings; it may mean "I am" or "they are". Therefore "ci sono" may mean "there I am" or, better, "here I am", or it may mean "there they are" or "here they are"
    Some examples. 
    "Chi c'è? Ci sono tre amici." = "Who is there? There are three friends." 
    "Ci sono tutti? C'è Luca, ma Antonio non c'è" = "There are everyone? There is Luke, but Anthony is not here" 
    I hope it's clear.

    PS. I would always say IL soggiorno.
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