(Chinese) How To Bargain In Chinese

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Hi guys, as you may know, you can bargain when you go shopping in China, sometimes. Today, let's learn some useful phrases about buying stuff in China. 

1. How much is it?= 这个多少钱?(zhe4 ge4 duo1 shao3 qian2?)
这个 (zhe4 ge4)means "This/ This thing/ This stuff".
多少 (duo1 shao3)means "How much/How many".
钱 (qian2)means "Money".

For example, 这本书多少钱?(zhe4 ben3 shu1 duo1 shao3 qian2?)
              (How much is the book?)

2. can it be cheaper?=可以更便宜点吗?(ke2 yi3 geng4 pian2 yi4 dian3 ma1)
可以 (ke2 yi3)means "can". 
更。。。点(geng4...dian3)is used to show comparatives in Chinese. It means "more...". 
便宜(pian2 yi4)means "cheap". 

For example, 这个钱包可以更便宜点吗?(zhe4 ge4 qian2 bao1 ke2 yi3 geng4 pian2 yi4 dian3 ma1?)
                    Can this wallet be cheaper?
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