(Culture) Administration Positions/Rankings in A Chinese High School

China has very different high school systems than North America. In China, not only teachers have different titles in a high school, but also students in a class have different titles. 

Today, we will learn some words about the name of school administration positions and rankings in China. 


1. 校长- xiao4 zhang3 -Principal

2. 副校长- fu4 xiao4 zhang3- Vice Principal

3. 教导主任 - jiao4 dao3 zhu3 ren4-Director of Discipline

The director of dicipline normally is the leader of a whole grade. There will be several directors of dicipline in a high school. They need to make sure the whole grade would follow the policies decided by the principal and allocate teacher resources. 

4. 班主任-ban1 zhu3 ren4- the teacher in charge of a class

The teacher in charge of a class is a person who takes care of all students in one class, including students' academic performance and intellectual education. 


1. 班长-ban1 zhang3- Class leader

2. 副班长-fu4 ban1 zhang3-Vice class leader

3. 学习委员-xue2 xi2 wei3 yuan2-class commissary in charge of studies

The highest ranking below class leader and vice class leader. 学习委员(xue2 xi2 wei3 yuan2) is the leader of all subject representatives. Normally only the student who excels at all academic subjects can be chosen. 

4. 体育委员-ti3 yu4 wei3 yuan2-class commissary in charge of sports
The student who takes charge of all of exercises and sports activity.

5. 文娱委员-wen2 yu2 wei3 yuan2-class commissary in charge of entertainment
The students who takes charge of all the entertainment activities such as New Year party, Christmas party, etc.

6. 课代表-ke4 dai4 biao3-subject representative

Normally 课代表(ke4 dai4 biao3) is the student who organizes all activities related to one subject. For example, English subject representative needs to organize students to do quiz, tests, recite texts from the textbook. A student who excels at one subject will be chosen to be the subject representative. 

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