Spring in Greece!

Spring season is beautiful in Greece making it ideal for travel!
The weather is significantly warmer that the northeaster of US and there are so many activities to do outside, from sightseeing, to walks, and outdoors dining. 
One misconception common enough for Greece is that we have summer or summer like weather all year round! 
Greece does get winter with freezing temperatures and heavy snow. However, the northern parts of the country are very cold whereas the capital, Athens, and the islands have mild winters. Still, you cannot go swimming yet! It is freezing... 
May and after, ideally July to September, are months appropriate for swimming!
Note Greece is not on Daylight Savings yet. We change the time the last Sunday of March (two weeks later than the US). That means we have only 6 hours of time difference right now, and not 7 hours as usually (compared to EST). 
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