Spring Vocabulary

Spring is here! At least in Greece where the weather has warmed up!
Below we will go over basic spring vocabulary. 
1. Η Άνοιξη (ee A-nee-ksee= the Spring), feminine in gender.
2. a. Η εποχή (ee e-po-CHEE= the season), feminine in gender.
    b. οι εποχές (ee e-po-CHES= the seasons), plural
3. Ανθίζω (an-THEE-zo= blossom)
4.  a. Το λουλούδι ( to lou-LOU-dhee=the flower), neuter in gender 
     b. τα λουλούδια (ta lou-LOU-dheea= the flowers), plural
5. το Πάσχα (to PA-s-ha= the Easter)
6. Καλό Πάσχα (ka-LO PA-s-HA= Happy Easter)

Easter is a big religious celebration in Greece. We follow the Eastern Orthodox Calendar for religious holidays.
Don't worry; we will come back to that with more detail!

Quick note: did you notice how we form the plural for different genders? What about adjective-noun agreement in gender?
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