Do they use the 24hr clock format in Japan?

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Yes, the 24 hour clock format is quite common in Japan. The 24 hour format is often used when time is written, rather than when spoken.

So, for example, if you get a concert ticket, it is likely that the show time is indicated in the 24 hour format such as:

18:00 開場 kaijou
19:00 開演 kaien

The above example is saying that the door opens at 6pm; the show starts at 7pm.

In contrast, if you talk about this concert, you probably want to say,

コンサートは六時(or 午後六時に開場です。
Konsaato wa rokuji (or gogo rokuji) ni kaijou desu.

コンサートは七時(or 午後七時に開演です。
Konsaato wa shichiji (or gogo shichiji) ni kaien desu.

Just so you know, 開演 kaien is a formal word meaning “starting of a show”. You can of course instead say simply:

コンサートは七時(or 午後七時に始まります。
Konsaato wa shichiji (or gogo shichiji) ni hajimarimasu.


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    As I said, people don’t usually use the 24 hour clock format in speech, but just in case, here is how to pronounce 13:00 through 24:00. There is nothing unexpected, though.

    13:00  じゅうさんじ        juusanji
    14:00  じゅうよじ         juuyoji
    15:00  じゅうごじ         juugoji  
    16:00  じゅうろくじ       juurokuji
    17:00  じゅうしちじ      juushichiji
    18:00  じゅうはちじ     juuhachiji
    19:00  じゅうくじ          juukuji
    20:00  にじゅうじ        nijuuji
    21:00  にじゅういちじ nijuuichiji
    22:00  にじゅうにじ    nijuuniji
    23:00  にじゅうさんじ nijuusanji
    24:00  にじゅうよじ    nijuuyoji

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