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Ultimate French Advanced --- where can I find this course?!

I finished Ultimate French beginner - intermediate course of Living Language by Annie Heminway, Alliance Francaise, New York published by Random House and revised and updated in 2004.                                                                                    

Now the only Living Language advanced course that was available was part of a package that includes French from beginner to advanced.  However, I got this package and everything that's in the advanced part was already in the intermediate course that I finished.  So there is no advanced course that completes the course I finished that was published in 2004. 


  • Where is an Advanced course that continues from Living Language French beginner - intermediate that was published in 2004?  The package that's available now has an advanced part that was already covered in the 2004 intermediate version. 
  • Hi there, Laura! 
    Unfortunately, we no longer produce the Advanced level of the French course. You can try asking at your library to see if they might have a copy! 
    Sorry I couldn't help further. 
  • The course I just bought said it had an advanced part but in fact it was part of an earlier intermediate course.  That's false advertising and misleading course description.
  • Hi Laura! 
    We're sorry to hear you felt that the copy on the package was misleading. I've replied to your email, but please let me know if you have any further questions based on the information I just sent you.

  • Laura,

    I have the beginner-intermediate and advanced books of Ultimate German.  I finished the beginner-intermediate book, but am only 1/4 through the advanced book.  I have also finished the current version of the German course, the package deal.  Your description of the difference between these two versions is actually how I would describe them too.  HOWEVER, in my case, I feel that the package deal is probably better suited for me.  I am not in an environment where I speak enough German to remember the stuff covered in the Ultimate German advanced book.  That's why I am stuck there because I keep on having to review the lessons.  I also know from experience (of learning other languages) that once you reach a certain level, you pretty much have learned all the grammar.  The only thing left to do is to build your vocabulary and idioms. 

    The irony is the I actually bought the Ultimate French books a few years ago too, but I ended up keeping my German version and sold the French books back.  While I definitely recommend you to keep on searching on Amazon and eBay, I also suggest you to:

    1.  Start reading and watching French media if you haven't already.
    2.  Look up the CEFR to see how France and other European countries define different levels of language proficiency.  That way, you can match them up to the levels from Living Language.
    3.  Get a good bilingual dictionary. 

    Good luck!
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