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The business world speaks many languages. Does your organization?
Connect Your Corporate Community
  • Engage your employees—global business travelers, English-language learners, and those looking to improve job opportunities through language skills.
  • Support employees who look to your organization for improved language learning.
  • Enhance your organization’s conversation clubs to promote interaction between employees.
What We Offer

Living Language Corporate offers subscription-based online learning in more than 60 languages, including robust programs in the most commonly studied business languages. Our courses can help your employees gain everyday conversational skills and cultural insight for the most popular world languages.

Living Language is self-paced; each student builds fluency based on his or her own learning speed, from beginner to advanced. Living Language teaches you to express yourself naturally in a wide variety of situations. You don’t just memorize, you build language skills step-by-step, starting with words and phrases and advancing to sentences and conversations.

more than 60 languages available
Pricing and Implementation

Living Language delivers affordable and effective language-training solutions in a variety of formats.

  • Integrated into a Learning Management System
  • Through your company’s intranet
  • With internet access through our website

We are happy to provide a custom quote based on your organization’s size and usage requirements. Compared to other language-training programs on the market, Living Language is the most affordable and complete package available.

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