English for Speakers of All Languages

Our English-language course for speakers of all languages uses guided English instruction to cover the most essential vocabulary, grammar, and culture, giving dedicated learners the skills necessary to understand and speak English.

Are you a native English speaker looking to find the right English course for a speaker of Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, or Arabic? Visit our English as a Second Language page to find the right course for your student or friend.

  • Thematic lessons with clear grammar examples, hundreds of flashcards for study, and effective exercises for practice
  • Words, phrases, sentences, and dialogues spoken by a native speaker in a realistic way through our engaging audio
  • Grammar and culture notes to give you the most complete picture of the language
Skills you’ll learn
  • Greeting others and introducing yourself
  • Talking about your family and everyday life
  • Telling someone how you feel
  • Asking questions
  • Navigating around town
  • Expressing wants, likes, and dislikes
  • Describing people and things
  • Conjugating verbs in past, present, and future and using them in complex sentences
  • Using and understanding idiomatic expressions
  • Talking about shopping, food, school or work, and current events