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Living Language Online Language Courses are no longer available for purchase, and livinglanguage.com (including the Language Lab) will no longer be available after October 1, 2022. Please click here for more info.
As of June 30, 2018, we will be discontinuing our e-Tutoring service.
Please click here for more information.

What is e-Tutoring?

Living Language e-Tutoring sessions are 30-minute online review sessions, taught by a native speaker, that will help you get started speaking with confidence. Live practice with native speakers is one of the most important aspects of learning any language, and e-Tutoring sessions are an integral and valuable feature of our online courses. Learn more about e-Tutoring and how it can benefit you by watching our video and reading our e-Tutor policies and guidelines.

What material is covered in e-Tutoring sessions?

Each e-Tutoring session will review the most important material you've learned at key points in your Living Language course. The sessions are designed to accompany different sections of the course (for example, Intermediate Unit 1); you should sign up for the session that covers the portion of the course that you've just completed.

What happens in an e-Tutoring session?

Your e-Tutor will introduce him or herself and ask you to do the same. You'll warm up with a small chat using the vocabulary and grammar you've just learned, and then your e-Tutor will use images selected for the session to get you using that new vocabulary and grammar in conversation. They will also provide you with pronunciation feedback, and clarify any unknown words using the chat box.

Is this one-on-one tutoring?

Each e-Tutoring session has a maximum of four students to ensure you get individualized attention, but if you're the only student signed up for that time slot, it will be a one-on-one session. Students can engage in conversation with the tutor, ask questions, and practice their new language—students will be able to hear, but not see one another. (Only select Living Language courses* include true Private e-Tutoring.)

Who are the e-Tutors?

All of our tutors are experienced language teachers and native speakers of the language they are teaching. You can learn more about some of them here.

How can I access e-Tutoring?

You can access your session from any computer at home, at work, or on-the-go with your iPad as long as you have audio capability and internet access. We use a web-based videoconferencing platform, so you do not need to install additional software. You will need a subscription to one of our online courses and e-Tutoring credits to sign up for an e-Tutoring session. Once you are logged in to your account, you can sign up for sessions by going to your e-Tutoring page.

What are e-Tutoring credits and how do I purchase and use them?

You need to have e-Tutoring credits in order to sign up for an e-Tutoring session. Note that some Living Language offerings come bundled with credits upon purchase. You can also purchase credits as you progress through your course. This option will appear on the e-Tutoring page, accessible from the "My Courses" page. See below for our product offerings that now include bundled credits as well as our available credit packs:

Online Course--1-year subscription bundled with 2 e-Tutoring credits $150
Online Course--1-month / 3-month / 6-month subscriptions come with access to e-Tutoring via purchase of credits. $39 / $50 / $75

Credit Pack Options:

10 Pack $175.00
5 Pack $93.75
3 Pack $60.00
1 Credit $25.00

How many sessions am I allowed to take?

You can continue to use your credits to sign up for sessions for the duration of your online course subscription, but we advise students not to take a specific session more than twice.

Can I cancel my session if something comes up?

Of course, your schedule may change after you've signed up; we just ask that you cancel as soon as possible so that others can fill your slot in the session. You're able to cancel your session with no penalty up to 48 hours in advance of the session start time.

What is Private e-Tutoring?

Private e-Tutoring is offered with select Living Language courses.* In these sessions, learners engage individually (or with a friend) with one of our tutors to receive highly individualized attention and feedback. Learners will choose the session that they would like to take and arrange the session time and date with our staff by filling out a schedule request form.

How much do Private e-Tutoring sessions cost?

Pricing for Private e-Tutoring sessions varies depending on the course. Details on Private e-Tutoring pricing can be found on individual product pages for those courses that include Private e-Tutoring.

I have the Living Language App and/or the Living Language Complete Course; can I sign up for an e-Tutoring session?

e-Tutoring sessions are only accessible to those with an online course subscription. You can find more about our online subscriptions here.

How do I sign up for a session or purchase additional credits?

* Currently offered with our Passport, Business, On the Job, and American Sign Language courses