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Modern Standard Arabic

Did you know that there are approximately twenty different spoken varieties of Arabic throughout the Arab World? The vocabulary you are learning here is the modern version of literary Classical Arabic, often referred to as Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is understood throughout the Arab World. You’ll be able to get by in most situations with MSA, which is the language of commerce, the media and education used in Arabic speaking countries. But don’t be surprised if you hear Egyptian Arabic, Saudi Arabic, or other local varieties used in more casual settings.

Today you’ve learned the basic vocabulary you need to greet people and introduce yourself. You may, of course, want to learn a few other everyday phrases.

حَسَناً Hasanan
all right
شُكْراً جَزيلاً shukran jaziilan
thanks very much
كَفى kafaa
إلى اللِقاء ilaa l-liqaa'
so long, bye