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New Vocabulary

Let’s take a look at the new words and forms you saw in this dialogue.

You may have noticed some new words in that dialogue. Any time new words are introduced in a dialogue, we’ll highlight them in these Take It Further sections.

You just saw two new words for people:

chiori (a.n.) woman
mahrazh (a.n.) man

You also saw the word chiorikem, which means wife. Chiorikem is often shortened to chiori, making it the same word as the word meaning woman. You’ll see more words for family members and other people in Lesson 2.

Here are some other important new words from the dialogue:

ma and
kifindirgi why
akka too, also
sekke very
ajjin right now
azho (i.n.) gift

Finally, you also saw a few future forms – adothrak (I will ride), adavrae (will be good) – and a new noun case – khalasaraan (for the khalasar).

For now, just memorize these as individual expressions; we’ll demonstrate how these verb and noun forms are formed in later lessons.