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Dia is Muire duit. (God and Mary be with you.)

Catholicism has played a huge role in the development of the Irish language. We can see its effect in a large number of expressions, blessings, and proverbs. Many of these sayings invoke the favor of the Virgin Mary, as well as many saints who were thought to protect those who believed in them. When Irish people meet, they will exchange the greeting Dia duit. Dia is Muire duit. [DEE-ah gwich. DEE-ah is mwurr-ah gwich]. An alternative reply is Dia is Muire duit, is Pádraig (God and Mary and Patrick be with you), which refers to the Irish patron saint. You will also hear expressions such as Bail ó Dhia ort (The blessing of God on you) and Dia linn (God be with us). There are many other expressions of this type that you will learn as you learn more Irish.