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Personal pronouns

Personal pronouns are words used to replace nouns, such as he or they in English. Take a look at the subject pronouns in Croatian.

Singular Plural
ja I mi we
ti you vi you
on he oni they (m.)
ona she one they (f.)
ono it (n.) ona they (n.)

These pronouns are used to replace nouns that are subjects of the sentence; a subject refers to the agent or actor of an action or state.

Ja sam Ana. A vi?
I’m Ana. And you?

Vi ste ovdje.
You are here.

There is an important distinction in Croatian between the pronouns ti (you, sg.) and vi (you, pl.) that goes beyond the difference in number. Vi is also used as a polite and formal way to address a single person. Sometimes, this formal vi is written with a capital letter—Vi.

Note that Croatian has three different equivalents to the English pronoun they, depending on the grammatical gender of the person, thing, or abstract concept being discussed. Croatian has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. We’ll talk more about gender in Croatian in Lesson 2.