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Greetings in Polish

In Poland greetings are generally used less extensively than in most English-speaking countries. You might sometimes find it surprising or even slightly impolite. However, never take it personally and remember that Poles are usually less effusive and more reserved than, for instance, Americans. When talking to a stranger, you normally say only Dzień dobry!, which may be used all day long (until nightfall). Additional greetings, such as Co słychać? or Jak się Pan ma?, sound unnatural unless you know the person you are talking to. Note also that when you ask somebody how they are you really mean to learn how they are—this is not just a conventional phrase. Therefore, you should not expect a casual Dobrze! (Fine!) in reply, but rather a true account of some recent events in the other person’s life (including, for instance, that person’s problems). Don’t feel uneasy with that—it’s perfectly acceptable in Poland not to be fine, and to tell other people about it!