Law Enforcement
An essential communication tool for working within your community and improving your career in law enforcement. Designed by law-enforcement and language professionals, our courses can be used by beginners as well as those with a background in the language.
  • Interactive flashcards and games to help teach and reinforce what you’ve learned
  • Engaging audio featuring native speakers to perfect your pronunciation
  • Practical dialogues show language in action; grammar and culture notes help improve communication
Topics covered
  • Essential phrases, including numbers, colors, and basic requests and commands
  • Interviewing witnesses and gathering descriptions of suspects
  • Fielding 911 calls and giving basic instructions
  • Mirandizing suspects and giving witness admonitions
  • Conducting traffic stops, investigating a DUI, and providing roadside assistance
  • Booking a suspect, fingerprinting, and addressing a prisoner’s concerns
  • Helping someone retrieve lost or stolen property
  • Investigating homicide, child- and domestic-abuse allegations, and victim assistance
  • Finding a lost child or adult, dealing with curfew violations, and registering noise complaints