Learn Portuguese!

Bem-vindos! Whether you are studying in São Paulo or visiting Rio de Janeiro to climb to the top of Corcovado Mountain — Living Language has the programs to learn Portuguese effectively and efficiently.

Portuguese Online Course

Learn comfortably from home or wherever you and your laptop go! The online course follows the same instructional backbone as the coursebooks and features exclusive interactive content, including games and quizzes to help reinforce the language.

  • 46 lessons packed with vocabulary, grammar, audio conversations, and cultural notes
  • Engaging games and puzzles to aid retention and recall
  • An online community of language experts and fellow language learners
  • The ability to track your progress, so you can learn at your own pace and measure how far you've come
  • e-Tutoring sessions are available for live practice with native Portuguese speakers providing personal support, answers, and encouragement. Learn more about e-Tutoring.

Sample a variety of Portuguese lessons in our Free Language Lab

  • One Year Access
    Includes 2 e-Tutoring Credits
  • 6-Month Access*
  • 3-Month Access*
  • 1-Month Access*

*6-month, 3 month and one month online course subscriptions do not include credits for e-Tutoring. e-Tutoring credits can be purchased within the course after activation.