Passport Hawaiian Language Course for Travelers

This unique Passport course teaches the basics of the Hawaiian language, which is imbued with the rich culture of the islands. The learner is introduced to the language through four thematic lessons touching on the past and present of Hawaiʻi. In the first lesson on People and Society, the learner is introduced to the family structure in traditional Hawaiian society as well as the importance of titles and Hawaiian attitudes towards visitors. The second lesson on the Land teaches key phrases related to the land and weather as well as the unique way directions are given in Hawaiian. In the third lesson on Music and Performance, Hawaiian phrases and grammar are taught through chant and song. Finally, in the fourth lesson on Water, taro farming, canoeing and surfing are discussed as well as the importance of water in general in Hawaiian culture.

Learners have all of the tools they need to get started speaking and understanding Hawaiian in Passport Hawaiian: a grammar guide, a pronunciation guide, and native-speaker audio to accompany all of the Hawaiian words, phrases, and sentences taught in the course.

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  • One 3-month online subscription to Passport Hawaiian

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  • Two 3-month online subscriptions to Passport Hawaiian